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“Michael Green has been editing all of my TV commercials and patient education videos for the last eight years. Michael is a perfectionist, a quick study and he has great instinct, so much so that I often give him the script and the raw footage and just let him go at it on his own. Michael puts forth his best effort on every project because he knows he is putting his reputation on the line with every job. I highly recommend Michael and invite you view some of the videos he has edited on our website: www.patienteducationconcepts.com.”

– Robert Watson, President, Patient Education Concepts, Houston


“Michael Green has been an integral part of our success during the past eight years. He allowed our two medical marketing companies to take our entire video production operation in-house and produce award-winning educational videos and major broadcast television commercials for clients across the country. What is most unique about Michael is the combination of his editing skills and complete understanding of the operation and maintenance of our editing suite. His role has truly been invaluable to CRM Group during his years of in-house service.”

– Michael Malley, President & Founder, CRM Group, Established 1988